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A journey through the history and meaning of International Women's Day

March 8, 1908, marked a milestone in history and an important step for the women's movement. At the Cotton textile factory in New York, 129 women lost their lives after striking against exploitative working conditions, low wages, and political exclusion. Their demands included equal labor conditions for men and women.

Reports suggest that the factory owner ordered the doors shut to quell the strike, but the situation tragically escalated when he set the factory on fire with the women inside. The smoke, tinted purple from the fabric being produced, became a significant symbol of the fight for women's rights.

In 1910, the International Congress of Socialist Women in Germany proposed March 8th as International Women's Day to honor the women who led a social movement for equal rights.

In 1911, mobilizations began in various parts of the world such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Denmark to initiate and support the movement that would become International Women's Rights Day.

It wasn't until 1977 that the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 8th as an important date for women's commemoration.

In 2017, the First International Women's Strike, organized by feminist organizations worldwide, took place, with approximately 40 organizations from around the world participating to raise awareness about the ongoing issue of gender-based violence.

For Somos Martina, March 8th represents a call to open our eyes and raise our collective voice. We join this call to commemorate our anniversary and the importance of the struggle of all those who decided to defy the rules of a patriarchal society. We know that the chains are no longer made of iron; we have our hands united to advance against the tide.

There is no wall capable of stopping our thoughts. Somos Martina embodies strength from within, the epitome of beauty and female empowerment. We are women, we are the anthem of revolution, we are powerful, SOMOS MARTINA.

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