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What does our blood indicate when menstruation arrives?

Our day to day is surrounded by millions of changes, we sometimes move forward without realizing that every minute that has elapsed is uncertain. Nature itself changes every second, a seed germinates, a flower emerges or a fruit falls from its tree. Likewise, our body, which is an important part of nature, is a world of possibilities that we believe we control without even knowing how to listen to the signals it sends us. 

With the onset of menstruation, adolescent girls begin a significant stage. Every month your body prepares for a possible pregnancy, in the event that it does not occur, bleeding appears due to the detachment of endometrial tissue from the uterus. Throughout this process, that blood presents varied tones that we must know to be aware of what happens with our period and with our health. 

In the first days of menstruation, a light red color may appear, this is due to a combination of the days of flow and the blood itself. However, it usually occurs as light spotting. The intense red color in menstruation would become the second phase and increases from the second and third day. Then comes the dark red, almost brown color, which can get a bit thick because the blood oxidizes by the time it takes to leave your body. 

Menstruation in women is synonymous with health, that our body is undergoing a natural purification process, for this reason we must be aware of those colors in our blood and also take action on the matter in the case of seeing something out of the usual. 

The light pink color in the blood and sometimes a very liquid texture can occur outside the days of the period, usually during ovulation and it has this color when mixed with the cervical discharge.

The color changes of the blood in menstruation are normal, but you have to be attentive to the change in volume, its consistency, smell and pain that it can present. It is important that we do not jump to conclusions lightly and visit our gynecologist regularly. 

When taking care of our period let's remember that we are walking nature, we have seeds, flowers and fruits. We must not allow anything to wither, we must keep the colors alive, sprinkle the petals and pamper our pores. 

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