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Silver Level sustainable fashion seal!

One of the fundamental principles of Somos Martina is to create awareness in people through the acquisition of our products. The idea of ​​bringing absorbent pants to Colombia was born from recognizing an enormous need for change to take care of our planet and reduce environmental pollution. The figures of waste that women generate for their menstrual hygiene are increasing day by day. Sanitary towels take between 500 and 800 years to degrade and a woman will use between 10,000 and 13,000 sanitary towels in her life. It is in our hands to reduce this waste and by using reusable towels we can begin to do so.We know that the time to act is now, which is why at Somos Martina we seek that one by one we can do our bit and contribute to living in a better world. 

Our effort has been reflected in the best way, we obtained the Silver Level Sustainable Fashion Seal and this excites us a lot because it is one more example that every step is worth it! . This is a voluntary environmental label that is delivered to companies in the textile sector and demonstrates environmental commitment through the actions carried out; among them are: offer clear information on the environmental impacts of the product, include biodegradable props and recyclable products. The objective of this seal extends not only to the environmental field but also to the social one, to the motivations in the creation of the product and to its responsible management. 

With this great step, Somos Martina consolidates itself as the second organization in the fashion sector to obtain the seal in this category and ranks as a leading organization in sustainability. This is all thanks to you, for believing in Somos Martina and walking steadily by our side. Our commitment will continue to be that many people, including the most remote communities, acquire the necessary knowledge so that their menstrual hygiene is not mediated by unnecessary spending on products, but rather that we listen to our bodies, can purchase products such as absorbent underwear and even embroider our own reusable towels. We will continue with our work and with our workshops throughout the country, carrying a deep love for what we do and for changing a little the world in which we live. 

Thank you for being part of this important step Martinas! 

You already know that by purchasing our products, you can be sure that we are providing you with underwear that is friendly to the environment and to the people behind its production.

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