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We are Martina, we are all


At Somos Martina, we celebrate the perfection of nature. Just like you, we come in diverse colors, sizes, and hearts. Our mission is to accompany you and remind you that you are a unique and unstoppable individual.

We should not feel shame or discomfort for being who we are or for the nature of our bodies.

That's why on March 8, 2019, we launched Somos Martina: a Colombian brand of absorbent underwear designed to embrace menstruation, incontinence, and postpartum experiences.

Join us on this journey towards self-acceptance and unparalleled comfort. Discover the difference with Somos Martina, where we celebrate the beauty of being yourself, in all its shapes and colors.

Our Mission in Action

At Somos Martina, we tirelessly advocate for what you deserve.

We are tired of menstruation being a taboo topic in our society. Bleeding is a natural part of our human experience, and we deserve to live it comfortably, sustainably, and joyfully. That's why Somos Martina is here to guide you towards the best version of yourself: free, serene, and in complete harmony with your body at all times.

As a Colombian brand, we embrace menstrual justice. We believe that all of us deserve to experience life authentically and without restrictions. Join us on this journey towards a new way of living and celebrating your femininity, where there are no limits to hold you back.

We create comfortable and absorbent products that keep you covered in every stage of your life, from absorbent underwear for menarche and your entire menstrual journey to incontinence garments that absorb urine leakage.

But that's not all; we are committed to giving back to the community through our programs and aid initiatives. With every purchase, you are supporting our mission to empower all menstruating individuals by providing them access to menstrual products through cloth sanitary pad-making workshops. Learn more here.

Faces of Somos Martina: Empowering Women Worldwide

Faces of Somos Martina: Empowering Women Worldwide

The visionary team at Somos Martina is fully committed to transforming the conversation about menstrual health and incontinence, forging a future centered on solutions that challenge taboos. As leaders in the femtech industry, we take pride in the strides we've made, but we understand that this is just the beginning.