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Social Impact

Our commitment to the community

Our commitment is with everyone, with everyone and with everything. We do our best to embrace all the people who may need us to inhabit their body and the world in a comfortable and sustainable way. We are aware that we have a big goal and we know that we are not perfect in doing it, however, we believe in the impact of each step. For this reason, we allocate a percentage of the profits from each product to carry out sex education workshops and make reusable towels in different vulnerable populations in Colombia.

What do we achieve with this?

By teaching women to make their own sanitary towels, we are generating an economic and social impact, we are guaranteeing them access to these products and considerable savings of their money in an environmentally friendly way. Above all, we are offering them the possibility of living day to day with peace of mind to carry out their normal activities such as going to school and working.

We take care of providing all the necessary materials, including sewing machines; that by staying in the communities they allow them to make their own garments as well. We work to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the communities, because knowledge is power. We are not limited to providing a product, but practical and theoretical knowledge about clothing and sexuality so that women know themselves, with the help of organizations with which we work together to educate.

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