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We know that your period has gone through many changes over the years, along with the way you feel and carry it. However, there is an issue that endures: the contamination resulting from the use of different highly polluting products. Our day to day is part of this urgent problem to solve, since an average menstruating person uses 11,000 disposable products throughout their lives. Most of the compounds in these products are pure plastic, which means that it can take up to 800 years to decompose.

At Somos Martina we are committed to being part of the solution. We have established ourselves in the underwear market as a highly responsible brand with the environment, which seeks to provide a comfortable, hygienic and sustainable alternative to replace highly polluting non-compostable products. We know, in the same way, that as a brand, sustainability goes beyond the environment, it is something that we seek to work on and incorporate in every way and that is why we have a high social and ethical commitment; We integrate environmental and social responsibility in all our processes, following our guidelines and brand values.


Our results speak for themselves. In 3 years we have had more than 10,000 women and menstruating people who, by using our underwear, have reduced the use of approximately 4,000,000 pads and tampons


Our production

We question our actions to achieve the most sustainable production possible and we make conscious decisions in our processes with factories, people and materials.
1| The first step is the raw material: our products are made with cotton fiber certified with the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), which means that we are part of a global network of actors who work for the sustainable cotton chain, which among many things, provides training for sustainable agricultural practices in 21 countries.
2| Then comes the process of dyeing the fabrics, where we make sure to reuse the water within the processes, with the aim of avoiding the contamination generated by the dyes.
3| For the moment of the molding, we adjust the amount of fabric necessary to avoid at all costs the waste of pieces.
4| Finally, we pack your orders with recycled cardboard in an environmentally friendly way.
5| But that's not the end, we keep looking for and finding opportunities to be more sustainable.

Our products

We have designed Somos Martina's absorbent panties to be a perfect replacement for polluting alternatives for menstruation, such as pads, tampons, and pads.

Compared to disposable products, a pair of underwear has a useful life of 3 years (approximately 50 washes), which benefits menstruating people as it is a cheaper option and at the same time responsible for the environment, by reducing the annual waste generated . So our product not only allows you to take care of the planet but also to take care of your vulva, thanks to the careful use of antibacterial, antifluid, hypoallergenic and fast-drying technology. All these elements are designed for your comfort and health in the short and long term.

Let's do the math:  Just one woman consumes 350 sanitary pads a year, which is equivalent to 2.8 kilos of plastic waste, multiplied by all menstruating women in Colombia (approximately 14 million).Faced with this problem, at Somos Martina we work to make a positive contribution to the planet. During 2021 we had 4,000 new users, achieving a reduction of 27,000 kilos of garbage from disposable products for menstruation and an improvement in the health and comfort of each of these people.

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Our commitment to the communite

At Somos Martina, the well-being of the community is part of our search for sustainability. Through sex education and training in the use of sewing machines to make reusable sanitary napkins, we not only collaborate with access to these products, but also provide tools for personal development. We are convinced that knowledge of one's own body and the ability to use a sewing machine can make a difference in a person's life: they mean the ability to make informed decisions and an opportunity for independence, as well as one more step towards menstrual health.



Sustainable Fashion Seal: Silver Category We have this important environmental label that allows you to let the consumer know in an easy and reliable way that they are purchasing a garment careful both with the environment and with the people who made it possible. We have the BCI cotton certificate, which means that control of cotton production has been carried out, both at the level of the crop and the workers involved.   

Social work We are Martina workshops

Our commitment is with everyone, with everyone and with everything. We do our best to cover all the people who may need us to inhabit their body and the world in a comfortable and sustainable way. We are aware that we have a big goal and we know that we are not perfect in doing so, however, we believe in the impact of each step. For this reason, we allocate a percentage of the profits from each product to conduct sexual education workshops and make reusable towels for different vulnerable populations in Colombia. 

Other contributions to the community

1. We do workshops on sex education and making reusable towels in vulnerable and economically and socially unequal territories.
2. Arusí, Quibdó,
3. Soon they will be carried out inside prisons
4. We program donations to combat the inequality of menstrual products
5. In September 2021, a donation of 25 panties was made to the territory of Arusí, Chocó.
6. In October 2020, we brought 314 underpants to the territory of Catatumbo with the help of the CAPS organization.
7. In November 2020, we brought 100 panties to women after Hurricane Iota.    8.  In 2022, we made a donation of 20 panties in Uganda
 9. In June 2022, we donated 105 underpants to the Childhood and Development Corporation in different locations in Bogotá
10.  In May 2022, we donated 40 underpants to the Cali Recyclers Association 
11. In 2022, we donated 82 underpants in Caimito, Sucre 12. In August 2022, we donated 6 panties to Wing woman Líbano 
11. In 2022, we donated 82 underpants in Caimito, Sucre 12. In August 2022, we donated 6 panties to Wing woman Líbano 
12.  We are part of the first menstrual subsidy in Colombia: COMFAMA.
13.  We generate totally free content on our social networks where we carry out lives and research that we publish dealing with topics of social interest (Sustainability, menstruation, sexuality, meditation, feminism, among others)                    

By teaching women to make their own sanitary pads, we are generating an economic and social impact, we are guaranteeing them access to these products and saving considerable money in an environmentally friendly way. Above all, we are offering them the possibility of living day to day with peace of mind to carry out their normal activities such as going to school and working.

We take care of providing all the necessary materials, including sewing machines; who by staying in the communities allow them to make their own clothes as well. We work to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the communities, because knowledge is power. We are not reduced to providing a product, but practical and theoretical knowledge about clothing and sexuality so that women know themselves, with the help of organizations with which we work together to educate.