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Day of children and adolescents

We were all once girls, we jumped through puddles without fear of getting dirty or to undo a cloud and find the sun. We made rolls for some mountain because it was too lumpy and we had to flatten it or we got on the swing and with a little impulse we wanted to cross the universe. We laugh, sing and dance, without fear or worry. Childhood is a stage of having, being able to and wanting. Having the world in our hands, being able to shape it and having the courage to be a god. 

Then a second stage begins in which we are no longer girls, there are fears involved, there is a deep curiosity to understand and listen to our body. Puberty arrives, a process of change and maturity, a development of new thoughts, of facing life in a different way. Clothes stop staying the same way, and our body tells us that we are changing. At first we have a lot of emotions that are difficult to control, it is normal to be confused, excited and anxious; but our body is both a microphone and a speaker, it listens to us and expresses to us the sensations that it was unaware of. 

It is here where we begin to talk about menstruation, a stage of adolescence in which we are no longer girls but women. With this moment comes the need to understand the blood that our body releases, we have the stigma that this is synonymous with wounds or blows, however, it is much more than that. Menstruation is a normal purification of our body in which, in addition to blood, mucus, stem cells, lymphatic fluid, even heavy metals and pollutants are expelled. It is a detoxifying process so that there is a balance in female hormonal health. 

By knowing how to listen to our body we can know the premenstrual symptoms that may be associated with pain, changes in our skin and mood, that is why at this time is when we should take care of ourselves the most, because our body asks us for more energy. We must pamper ourselves, eat well and rest as necessary.

The International Day of Children and Adolescents is a celebration dedicated to the understanding of childhood and fraternity. It promotes the protection of their fundamental rights and promotes their well-being through their food, health, education, protection and love. This date is commemorated on April 30 of each year since 1999. Every child has the right to grow and develop in a dignified manner, with the necessary conditions to never stop playing or dreaming. 

In many parts of the world, women and girls of all ages do not have the menstrual hygiene they deserve, which is why they must use rags and cannot clean themselves properly as there is no washing access to prevent any type of infection. Even many of them do not have the necessary elements to cope with menstrual pain. This is why at Somos Martina we want to remember that every girl and adolescent has the right to have decent menstrual health, where she can live with her menstruation freely, safely and privately. 

Sometimes we think that adolescence and menstruation are linked to not being able to walk calmly for fear of a spill or having to use something that we don't know how our body will assimilate, sanitary napkins. We are Martina, she thinks of all of us with our teen panties and the comfort of dancing and being what we have all been, a girl who screams inside her because she wants to run, feel and live. All adolescents have the right to experience this change with what is necessary to be calm and feel their body in harmony. 




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