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International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day has been commemorated on April 22, for around 52 years. Its main objective is based on creating a humanitarian awareness about the current problem of pollution, the conservation of fauna and flora and overpopulation.

Mother Earth makes an urgent call to find a solution, to be part of a change and to be aware that the conditions of our home and our people depend on ourselves. Nature is an enormous resource that has provided us for years with the most essential things we have needed to live, we must take care of it and appreciate it. Embracing a tree is feeling a heartbeat of life, but deforesting and hurting what life gives us is increasing a crack that will hardly heal.

Unfortunately, pollution is a snowball that grows as time goes by. Environmental degradation is a problem that exacerbates inequality, loss of income, conflict, displacement, malnutrition, natural disasters, and extreme climate change.

We want you to start thinking about what you are doing from home to sow that seed of transformation in these short letters. If perhaps you don't recycle, start doing it or don't use more water than necessary and save light. These small decisions are what Mother Earth urgently needs, and requires each one of us to heal.

Thinking about the earth is thinking about everyone, we need each person to start thinking about the damage they cause not only to the environment, but also to the people around them, their family and themselves. In Colombia we talk about deforestation, climate change, and pollution caused by plastic waste and many other wastes. In Bogotá homes around 4.5 kilos of garbage are generated, and we are only talking about the capital.

Have you ever thought about what will happen when we don't have drinking water?

What will happen when we no longer get fertile land?

Millions of lives, of animals, human beings and plants will be compromised.

The production of sanitary napkins and tampons directly affects this problem, a menstruating person discards 2.6 tons of hygiene products alone. These products not only contain a large amount of dangerous chemicals to which we expose our intimate area due to possible infections and diseases, but their decomposition takes almost 500 or 600 years to occur. Is it worth generating so much damage to mother earth for not looking for other alternatives?

At Somos Martina we are committed to change, which is why the design of our reusable underpants and their recycled packaging is a commitment to the environment. Earth Day is today and tomorrow, it was yesterday and the day before, it is not stopping on April 22 to think about the damage caused to the world, it is thinking that April 22 is every day, and that if we can make the change to carry out from small actions, we must act. 

The commitment belongs to everyone and to everyone. We are Martina, we are all.


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